Happy Birthday Wishes

Have a birthday as awesome as you are with friends, family, and all the hangers-on who can smell birthday cake from a mile away. See you later.

You are such a fine person that the world should just hand over whatever it is you ask for. Sadly, that’s not the way the world works but have a happy birthday anyway.

You are the arc that completes the circle of my life. I look forward to your birthdays every year. Have a wonderful birthday today.

We are wishing you the best of everything as you turn XX today. It’s been a great ride and we hope you’re loving every minute of it. Happy Birthday!

So sad that I can’t spend your birthday with you. But, I’m wishing you the sunniest, happiest and sweetest day.

Every birthday should be filled with special moments that you will cherish until the next birthday comes. Hope you have a happy day.

A lifetime of bliss for the great adventurer that you are. Happy Birthday, and may your bucket list get shorter as that birthday number climbs higher.

It’s a new day. The dawn of another great year for an over-achiever like you. Happy Birthday, my dear friend.

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